Services & Support

Services & Support

How Can We Support You?

To help your staff and students succeed, we begin by having a conversation with you to determine how to best provide solutions tailored directly to your needs.

We have extensive and in-depth training in numerous areas and educational models that inform our work with students and staff across all grade levels. From positive psychology and applied educational neuroscience to trauma-sensitive practices and instructional coaching, our mission is to find solutions that help everyone thrive. We work with schools, agencies, parents, teachers, and individuals. Reach out today so we can collaborate and work together to find supportable solutions you and your team.

All Our Services Are Customizable To Support You

Behavioral Supports

We work with school systems, parents and/or agencies who have yet to identify the underlying “why” behind unsolved behavioral challenges. Utilizing what we know about relational and neuroscience while maintaining a neurodiversity-affirming and trauma-sensitive lens, we help identify paths forward that benefit both the student and the staff. No two children are alike – lets work together and find an individualized solution that helps everyone thrive. We’re firm believers that Connection + Collaboration = Endless Possibilities.

We support school systems, parents, and/or agencies in the following ways:

  • Audits
  • Behavioral assessments and support plans
  • Consultations either one time or on-going
  • Coaching

Professional Development

We work with teachers, administrators, and parents to help them develop the skills they need to succeed. This can include skill building around communication supports, evaluations, advocacy, general best practices and more.

Too many treat professional development as a simple check in a box. We believe it’s far more than that. Our trainings bridge philosophy and practice, ensuring that every participant leaves every session with practical solutions, excited to get back to work.

Here are some training topics we offer:

  • Creating a sense of belonging and connection in classrooms and schools
  • Supporting Anxiety
  • Meeting the needs of all learners
  • Evaluating students to meet eligibility criteria
  • Assessing and supporting behaviors
  • Learning about the brain and nervous system
  • Evidence-based practices

We also work with partners to develop trainings specifically tailored to their individual needs.

Speech and Language Services

We help students succeed. Utilizing a neurodiversity-affirming and trauma-sensitive lens, we work with students, staff, and parents to create paths forward that allow individuals to grow, learn, and engage in the world around them. No two people are alike – let’s work together to develop individualized therapy plans to help students and/or children thrive.

We provide these services on a short-term or long-term basis, as need. We’ve worked with schools and agencies to help fill vacancies to continue providing supports to their students. We work with some clients for 5 days and others for 5 years and counting. We tailor our program to your needs.

We provide speech and language services to any age group with a focus on:

  • Articulation and phonology
  • Social/emotional skills
  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Word finding and narrative discourse
  • Evaluation

Independent Educational Evaluation

If you do not agree with the results of  your child’s special education evaluation conducted by the school district, you as parents have the right to obtain a second opinion. This second opinion is referred to as an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).

You can request an evaluator who is not employed by the school district, and have them conduct a secondary evaluation of your child. We are available to serve in this role in a neutral capacity and will work to bridge the divide between you/your family and the school district.


Other than parents and the home environment, among school related factors, research suggests that teachers are the most significant factor in a student’s success. When it comes to student performance on reading and math tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the impact of any other school factor including services, facilities, and leadership. Coaching uses collaboration to bring out the best in every teacher and achieve greater academic and behavioral success.

While parents might not be in the classroom, they couldn’t matter more in the educational journey of a child. The better equipped they are to meet the individualized needs of their child, the easier it will be for that child to succeed.

When parents and teachers have the skills they need to support their kids, those kids thrive.  We help teachers and parents acquire those skills and solutions, ranging from appreciating the importance of their personal well-being, creating literacy rich and trauma-sensitive environments, developing a toolkit to prepare caregivers to respond to behaviors that interfere with learning, and much more.