Supportable Solutions Privacy Policy

  1. The Information We CollectWhat information Supportable Solutions collects and how we collect it.
    1. Cookie Notice
  2. Why We Collect This Information – Supportable Solutions’ reason for collecting information.
    1. To Improve Our Services and Products
  3. How We Manage Information – How Supportable Solutions manages and protects collected information.
    1. Storage
    2. Access
    3. Third Parties
  4. Your RightsWhat you can do in regards to your personal information. 
    1. Request Access to Your Personal Information
    2. Request Changes or Corrections to Your Personal Information
    3. Request Erasure of Your Personal Information
    4. Withdraw Consent
  5. CommunicationsHow you can communicate with Supportable Solutions.
  6. Updates to Our Privacy PolicyChanges to the Privacy Policy and notification of such changes.
  7. Contacting Us – How to send Supportable Solutions questions and concerns that you may have.

This is the Privacy Policy for services offered through Supportable Solutions LLC, a company registered in Wisconsin whose office is registered at 2623 Dublin Way, Waunakee, WI, 53597 (“Supportable Solutions,” “we,” “us,” or “our,”). Supportable Solutions processes and holds information collected through the Supportable Solutions platform located at  (“Site”). The terms “user,” “you,” “your,” or “yourself” refer to all users of the Site. Supportable Solutions provides various training services and products through the Site (“Services”).

Supportable Solutions has created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our serious, continuing commitment to the privacy of the personal information you provide when using the Site and Services.

This document discloses Supportable Solutions’ information-gathering and dissemination practices. Supportable Solutions recognizes and respects the importance of protecting your privacy and our policy is designed to assist you in understanding the information we collect, why we collect it, how we protect it, and your rights. 


Supportable Solutions collects information that you directly choose to provide while using Supportable Solutions services and information that Supportable Solutions collects indirectly from your use of the site. Any information Supportable Solutions indirectly collects is outlined in this policy. 

Supportable Solutions collects the following personally identifiable information from you: 

  • Identity data (including name, email address, phone number)
  • Profile data (including username, password, company details)
  • Payment data (including billing address and credit card information)
  • User data (including data you enter on the Site and progress data for courses in which you are enrolled on the Site) 

Cookie Notice

Supportable Solutions may store certain information from a user’s web browser using “cookies.” A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer tied to information about the user and their use of the Site. Supportable Solutions may use session-ID cookies to confirm that registered users are logged in. These cookies terminate once the user closes the web browser. Supportable Solutions may also use persistent cookies that store certain personal data already provided to Supportable Solutions to make it easier for a user to log back into the Site. A user can remove or block cookies using the settings in the user’s web browser if a user wants to disable such functions, but such action may impair the full functionality of the Site.


Supportable Solutions does not sell, rent, or trade any of your information with third parties. Supportable Solutions does share your payment data with Stripe, Supportable Solutions’ third-party payment vendor, in order to complete your payments through the Site. One of our goals is to consistently improve as a business and support our clients’ needs. To do so, Supportable Solutions gathers certain information from Site users for their future reference, to analyze trends, to keep users in the know about updates to our services, and to optimize the Site. Supportable Solutions will not conduct any other use of your information without your prior written consent.

To Improve Our Services and Products

Supportable Solutions strives to provide quality content and experience for users. Achieving this goal requires Supportable Solutions to continually assess the effectiveness and accessibility of our services and platform. How users engage with the Site is critical to our self-evaluation for improvement and development. We also maintain email lists to keep our users informed of updates to services through our Site. Your information will not be used to assess the effectiveness of any other products or services other than those of Supportable Solutions.



Aside from your information that third parties collect or possess, all information is contained on servers controlled by Supportable Solutions. All servers Supportable Solutions uses are located within the United States. Access to the data is password-protected, and the data itself is encrypted: at rest and in transit.


Only Supportable Solution’s administrators can access the data on the servers Supportable Solutions uses.

Third Parties

Supportable Solutions interacts with third parties in one way. Supportable Solutions uses Stripe, a third-party payment platform, to help facilitate payment for the services provided on the Site.


Supportable Solutions encourages all users to know their rights regarding their privacy. If you choose or need to exercise any of the rights listed below, Supportable Solutions will honor your request to the best of our ability. You do not need to provide reasoning as to why you are making this request. We respect your choices, and it will not harm your relationship with Supportable Solutions, nor future use of our products and services if you elect to use the products and services in the future. If you are receiving the Services from a school or other organization (“Organization), please direct all requests as described below to Organization from which you receive the Services. The Organization will then direct your request to us.

Request Access to Your Personal Information

At any point, you may request access to a copy of the information we hold about you and how we are processing it. 

Request Changes or Corrections to Your Personal Information

If any information we hold about you is later discovered to be incorrect or requires other changes, you may request that these changes to your information be made. 

Request Erasure of Your Personal Information

You may request that we erase some or all your information that we store. We will advise you if this erasure will affect your use of Supportable Solutions services or products in any way. 

Withdraw Consent

You may withdraw consent from our storage and uses of your information at any point in the future. Any uses of your data before this withdrawal of consent, however, cannot be undone. We will advise you if withdrawal of consent affects your use of Supportable Solutions services or products in any way. 



The majority of Supportable Solutions communications are conducted via email, you have the option to unsubscribe from any email correspondence, and in doing so will no longer receive further email communications. 


This policy is subject to change. It will be continuously assessed as Supportable Solutions develops as a company, its business practices change, and our users’ and their needs change. Supportable Solutions may update this Privacy Policy at any time. If Supportable Solutions makes any changes to this policy, it will post the updated Privacy Policy on the Site.


Any questions, concerns, or requests to exercise one of your rights listed above should be directed towards our Support Department by email (

When you send us an inquiry or request regarding your information, please provide us with your name (first and last), email address, mailing address, and which of Supportable Solutions’ services you used. We will respond to your question or request as soon as possible.